Gain Deeper Insights to SugarCRM Data using Segment (formerly

I've come across Segment (formerly in research for a better data analysis tool for applications. After signing up, we found the API documentation to be an absolute dream. Using this documentation, we noticed there was no SugarCRM integration currently available. This was about to change. With our knowledge of SugarCRM, and gaining better insight to audit data within the CRM, we've created a SugarCRM plugin to pass data directly to Segment, and now access hundreds of analytical, query tools, and marketing automation options. In this video, we feature SugarCRM passing Opportunity Sales Stage information to Segment, and then querying this information using Calq.

Duration: 04:59

Posted: Monday, October 19, 2015

Video tags: SugarCRM | Tips and Plugins, SugarCRM | Our Portfolio and Use Cases